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Master’s Dissertation

To complete the degree programme, in-service teachers are required to prepare a research project with didactic proposals for implementation in the classroom.

The Master’s Dissertation (hereafter MD) will consist of experimental work related to what is usually called “action research”, which involves collecting and interpreting data, as well as using research techniques to study a particular aspect of teaching that is of interest. Exceptionally, the MD may focus on more theoretical issues, such as analysis of teaching materials, study of methodological approaches or other theoretical aspects of the teaching-learning process.

For further details on the regulations of the Master’s Dissertation, please click on this link:



2023-2024 MD CALENDAR

February (special) June (ordinary) July (extraordinary)
Final drafts sent to supervisor 12th January 31st May 22nd July
Final versions sent to supervisor 2nd February 13th June 6th September
Oral defence 16th February 26th June 19th September


Continuation with doctoral studies

This Master in Teaching English as a Foreign Language gives access to the Doctoral Programme in the Department of Modern Philology at the University of Alcalá. The lines of research also include the ones dealing with applied linguistics in the teaching of foreign languages.

For detailed information on this PhD Programme and this type of research, see the following link: LÍNEAS DE INVESTIGACIÓN


This section includes the Master’s theses defended in the last calls that are available in open access in the repository of the University of Alcalá (E-buah):

Florian, N.J. (2022). Why 1+1 is greater than 2: Exploring the Synergy between Language Assistant and Teacher. Trabajo Fin de Máster. Universidad de Alcalá. .

 Evans, Huw. (2021). Literature in the online EFL classroom: promoting extensive reading. Trabajo Fin de Master. Universidad de Alcalá. .

Orostivar Espliego, R. (2020) Blended learning approach: a complementary method in the EFL primary classroom. Trabajo Fin de Máster, Universidad de Alcalá.


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