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This track is addressed to:

  • In-service teachers of English at secondary schools, Official Language Schools, and other private institutions.
  • University teachers whose interests include teaching English language and literature.

To see the schedule of face-to-face classes for this track in the academic course 2023-2014 (NEW!) visit TIMETABLES & SCHEDULES.

All classes will be held at the Faculty of Philology (Caracciolos Building, Trinidad Street, 3, Alcalá de Henares): Mondays-Thursdays (Lecture room 6); Fridays (Lecture room 1)

Core subjects (28 credits)

1st Term

2nd Term

Choice of FOUR Option Courses (16 credits)

1st Term

2nd Term

For the completion of the Master’s degree, students must write and defend orally their Master’s Dissertation (16 credits), which is offered in two modalities:


15 + 12 =

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