Teaching Staff

Davinia Sánchez García

Dr. Davinia Sánchez-García obtained her PhD (with Honours) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), where she combines her work as assistant professor in English and Linguistics with her role as educational developer. Her research interests include English-medium education (EME), (classroom) discourse analysis and teacher education, about which she has published articles in national and international journals (Portalinguarum 2018, ELIA 2018, CLIL Journal 2019, JICB 2020, JEMI 2022, System 2022) and book chapters in international prestigious publishing houses (Springer 2020, Routledge 2020). Davinia has been a research member of the European Erasmus+ project ‘Educational Quality at Universities for Inclusive International Programmes’ (EQUiiP) and is currently also actively involved in the nationally funded research project ‘Understanding internationalization in HE from the student perspective’ (SHIFT), and the UCM research group ‘The Role of English in the Internationalization of Spanish Higher Education’ (EngInHE). She is also responsible for the teaching innovation project ‘Mentor-ING’, and a member of the transnational teacher education program ‘Two2Tango’, both trying to help teachers face the challenges and opportunities of the multilingual and multicultural learning space.