Teaching staff

Daniel Candel Bormann

Daniel Candel is professor of literature at the Universidad de Alcalá and was a Fulbright at Harvard in 2016. He has published widely on narrative studies, cognitive thematics, evil in narrative fiction and distant reading in internationally acclaimed journals (e.g. Poetics Today, Semiotica, English Text Construction) and has written three books. The last one is called Cognitive Narrative Thematics: A Book About What Books Are About (Routledge, 2023). He has created Narrative Lab Teams, a narrative research center in which undergraduates and postgraduates analyze corpora of intermediate length and publish their first work in some of the best journals (https://danielcandel.wixsite.com/narrativelabteams). At present he is creating a European consortium of narrative centers with the universities of Aarhus, Paris, Tampere and Giessen and preparing a European project about the dangers of narratives in social media. He has done teacher training for Macmillan, the Comunidad de Madrid and the Universities of Bath and Göttingen. He speaks Spanish, English and German and struggles with French