Silvia García Hernández

Coordinator of the itinerary: Teaching through English in Bilingual Schools

Silvia García Hernández holds a degree in English Philology from the University of Alcalá, a B.A. (Hons.) in Applied Modern Languages from the University of Northumbria (UK), a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a PhD in Modern Languages, Literature and Translation from the University of Alcalá (International Doctorate). She is currently an assistant professor at the Modern Philology Department at the University of Alcalá and teaches different modules at graduate and postgraduate levels. She is the coordinator of the track “Teaching through English in Bilingual Schools” in the Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Her research focuses on the teaching of English as a foreign language, and on contemporary British literature written by women. Throughout her career, she has been a speaker at national and international conferences and has published articles in both fields of research. As for the former, she has participated in several research projects related to English language teaching, and her most recent publications in this field are connected with linguistic mediation and teaching English through literature and translation. As for the latter, she has focused her research on issues of gender, identity and displacement, as well as on the rewriting of history from a female point of view. She is also a member of the research groups Language and Education and Literatures and Cultures in English, and participates in the teaching innovation groups «CreActive» (UAH-GI20-162) and “Teaching Innovation in the Foreign Language Classroom” (UAH-GI20-106).